Registration Open for 2015 A.L.E.R.T. Law Enforcement Challenge October 7th in Portage County!

Statewide Event Features Departmental and Individual Prizes

The County Mutual and Community Insurance Corporation's 4th Annual Advanced Law Enforcement Risk Training (A.L.E.R.T.) Law Enforcement Challenge will be held Wednesday, October 7, 2015 in Portage County with new challenges, an updated course and tougher competition!  All member departments are encouraged to attend this NO COST event, which occurs rain or shine.

This year's event will be held on ONE DAY in ONE LOCATION, so it's a true statewide competition.

4th Annual A.L.E.R.T. Law Enforcement Challenge
October 7, 2015
Portage County
Portage County Sheriff's Department Rifle Range
3001 Willow Springs Drive
Stevens Point, WI

Registration is Now Open!  

To register for the 2015 A.L.E.R.T. Law Enforcement Challenge, contact Bruce Scott of Aegis Corporation via email at at 414.491.1656.

When registering, have the name of your department's competitor, as well as others from your department that will be attending the event. Please note that your department may send as many people as you wish, but only ONE attendee will be allowed to compete.

Revised Course!

The competition course is revised in 2015 and competitors should expect to:

  • Run 200 yards along with a dummy drag;
  • Scale a four foot wall, and
  • Shoot both rifle and pistol.

Course Details:

  • Competitor will run 200 yards.
  • During the second fifty yards, the competitor will drag a sixty pound tube of sand in a sea bag and continue with the run.
  • For the last 50 yards, the competitor will scale a four-foot wall and continue on to shoot their rifle.
  • Competitor will shoot a rifle of their choice, with or without optics, at a target 70 yards away from a shooting position of their choice five times.
  • Competitor will then transition to their service pistol, shooting at a target five yards away while standing three rounds, then change magazines and fire again three times at a target seven yards away.
  • Rifle will be staged at the firing line. Magazine will be in the magazine well, chamber empty, safety on. Competitor will not have to run with their rifle.

Point System:

  • 100 points will be awarded for participants to complete the course in thirty seconds or less. For every second over thirty seconds a point will be deducted.
  •  110 points total will be awarded for shooting. The maximum point per shot is ten.
  •  Total shots fired is eleven.
  •  The total overall points is 210.

Other Important Details:

  • All competitors must wear a bullet proof vest when competing.
  • Attire will be at the competitor's discretion. A uniform is not required.
  • Handgun must be holstered. Duty belt is not required. Competitor will have two magazines with three rounds in each.
  • Rifle may have optics but not required along with five rounds of ammunition in the magazine. May have a sling attached to the rifle. However no bipods, shooting sticks or rests of any kind.
  • While shooting, eye and ear protection required.
  • The target is from Qualification Target  BT-5-R/2, which is located in Wisconsin. This target maybe viewed online.

Who Should Attend?

The A.L.E.R.T. Law Enforcement Challenge is at NO COST to member law enforcement departments of the County Mutual and Community Insurance Corporation and also includes speakers and lunch. 

In addition, sheriffs, chief deputies, firearms training officers and law enforcement committee members, as well as chiefs, assistant chiefs, training officers and public safety committee/commission members are encouraged to attend.

Incredible Individual and Department Prizes

As in past years, individual prizes will be awarded to top finishers and cash prizes will be awarded to the top finishers' departments. This year prizes will be awarded to the TOP FIVE individual winners and their departments.

Top Five Departments:
First place: $10,000
Second place: $8,000
Third Place: $6,000
Fourth Place: $4,000
Fifth Place: $2,000

Top Five Competitors:
First place: $1,200
Second place: $1,000
Third Place: $800
Fourth Place: $600
Fifth Place:$400

What's This About? Check Out 2014 Event Photos!

Lincoln County A.L.E.R.T. Law Enforcement Challenge Location
Sauk County A.L.E.R.T. Law Enforcement Challenge Location

For questions about the 2015 A.L.E.R.T. Law Enforcement Challenge, contact Bruce Scott of Aegis Corporation at 414.491.1656.

The event is brought to you by the Wisconsin County Mutual Insurance Corporation and Community Insurance Corporation.

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