Community Insurance Corporation Presents Carrie Hallquist, CSRM, with WSSCA School Safety Coordinator of the Year Award

Eau Claire Area School District Safety Coordinator Recognized at 2019 School Safety and Security Conference

Since its inception, Community Insurance Corporation (CIC) has been dedicated to safer schools, ensuring that school district employees, students and the community are in the securest space possible.

CIC risk management staff has worked closely alongside the Wisconsin School Safety Coordinators Association (WSSCA) to accomplish these goals. WSSCA is an association of professionals dedicated to the task of improving security, safety, and health in Wisconsin's schools.

“We have partnered with thousands of school employees to minimize risk, identify awareness of potential problems and work together to find solutions,” said Community Insurance Corporation (CIC) Senior Risk Management Consultant Jodi Traas, who is a past president and also serves as an advisor on the WSSCA Board of Directors. “WSSCA empowers professionals to have the tools to make our schools safer and healthier.”

Recently, CIC was the conference sponsor of the 2019 WSSCA School Safety and Security Conference. The event was held March 6-7 in Wisconsin Dells, with the theme “Building Safe and Secure Schools.”

At the conference, Jodi nominated and presented the 2019 School Safety Coordinator of Year award to CIC member Carrie Hallquist, CSRM of the Eau Claire Area School District. Community Insurance Corporation was honored to provide $1,000 to Carrie’s school district. For the past 19 years, CIC has been providing this sponsoring this scholarship to the school safety coordinator of the year award winner.

In addition, Jodi nominated and presented Mike Hinske, with the WSSCA Lifetime Achievement Award.

Per WSSCA, “The School Safety Coordinator Certificate was developed to provide skills and knowledge for the school safety coordinator with comprehensive information designed to meet the standards as established under Wisconsin Executive Order 194 and PI 8.01(2)(i) of the Wisconsin Administrative Code.”

CIC risk management staff has been closely involved, teaching course training modules for the school safety coordinator certification. There are ten modules that are designed to go beyond the basics of compliance required by the state and instruct best practices to help prevent injuries and related costs.

“There are so many benefits for individuals to get this certification and we are excited to be a part of the program and present Carrie with this award for all her work and dedication,” said Traas. “When our school staff and employees are able to identify risk in the classroom, at events and activities, they can take steps to avoid or prevent it to keep everyone safer.”

In addition, on March 6, Jodi Traas, along with Robert Smith, presented at the conference on “Recordkeeping & DSPS Visits.”

“We are proud to be an ongoing supporter of the important work of WSSCA and believe deeply in their mission,” said John Dirkse of Aegis Corporation, which serves as the general administrator of Community Insurance Corporation. “In today’s world, we are committed to partnering with groups such as WSSCA to keep risk management and safety as a top priority in Wisconsin’s schools.”

See photos from the 2019 WSSCA School Safety and Security Conference here.

For more information on Community Insurance Corporation’s risk management programs in schools, please contract Jodi Traas at 800.511.9797.


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