Latest Edition of Property Loss Control Newsletter "The Protector" Released

The Protector is a newsletter for members of the Wisconsin County Mutual Insurance Corporation (County Mutual) and Community Insurance Corporation (CIC) which focuses on property loss control.   

In this fifth edition of "The Protector," we focus on the importance of fire prevention, highlight the West Bend Fire Department, discuss the critical nature of timely and accurate asset management, and demonstrate how the "little things" matter when it comes to fire prevention. 

2021 Editions

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2020 Archives

View the 3rd Edition of The Protector here. (Q4 2020)

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View the 1st Edition of The Protector here. (Q1 2020)

The newsletter is released on a quarterly basis and is geared towards the successful navigation of relevant exposures your organization faces on a daily basis.  Additionally, we will explain key insurance topics, utilize expert advice from our strategic partners and Wisconsin fire departments, and review major losses with the intent of mitigating and preventing future occurrences.

For more information, please contact Director of Underwriting Programs Paul Schwegel at 866.404.2700 or via email.

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