CIC Launches New Highway/Public Works Risk Management Team: Apply Today!

Community Insurance Corporation is launching a new Highway/Public Works Risk Management Team.  

Highway/Public Works Risk Management Team
For Wisconsin public entities, the Highway and Public Works environment has become more complex. The strategies for managing these complexities continue to evolve - from regulations to staffing, infrastructure to funding, Highway and Public Works professionals are tasked with more and more each day, all while ensuring a safe and compliant environment.

To address these complexities and to be supportive of our member's Highway and Public Works areas, Community Insurance Corporation is creating a Highway & Public Works Risk Management Team to:

  • Network with Highway and Public Works professionals and share information;
  • Identify and understand unique risks and exposures;
  • Understand opportunities, and hone approaches for supportive risk management services; and,
  • Foster an increased awareness of risk management principles relating to Highway and Public Works operations.

Interested in Joining?
Find more information on the Highway/Public Works Risk Management Team, along with the application, by clicking here

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